POTRA strengthens its team

POTRA is growing, our new member is Mr Sanming Qiu M.Sc.(eng)

Sanming strengthens POTRA’s network and will help Finnish companies to succeed in China as well as Chinese companies in Finland. Among other things Sanming will help Chinese companies to find potential investment opportunities in Finland.

Sanming has got a technical university degree and has gained solid experience in international business. He has worked several years for the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Relations of China. He has also worked as managing director of a paper mill and general manager of other organizations. Sanming lives in Tampere, Finland but visits regularly China and other countries. During his career Sanming has visited some 40 countries. He understands different cultures and has the ability to coordinate and combine different views and opinions.

POTRA expands strongly with international partnerships

POTRA Nordic Industry Solutions is proud to present its new international co-workers. POTRA helps industrial companies in the Nordics to reach out for new markets; please contact us for further information.


Bernt Gunnarson has been serving the international industrial companies through his office in Ängelholm, Sweden for a number of years. Bernt is an experienced business developer, specialiced on the field of aftermarket strategies, change management and corporate integration processes. He brings POTRA a strong resource and a great channel to the scandinavian market.


A Spanish marketing and communication professional Mr Joan Roig Carbo is ready to help Nordic companies to succeed.  He has over 30 year of experience in challenging internationalization projects. Particularly strong Joans’ company JRConsultores is in South East Asia.

Joan has developed a business model that allows his customers to achieve local visibility in foreign markets with their own brand. If you are interested in this kind of service please contact POTRA, so can get the collaboration started.


A Canadian marketing professional Mr Steven A Letovsky is ready to serve Nordic companies in their exploration to North American markets.

Steven has close to 40 years of experience in demanding marketing related assignments and projects. He has successfully consulted for example Danish and Finnish enterprises. Steve lives in Montreal Canada. He knows the North American market like his own pockets. If you are planning to start marketing and sales in the USA or Canada, you can save a lot of energy and money by letting Steven to assist you. 


POTRA launches english webpages

POTRA improves the communication towards international customers and partners through opening of the english webpages.

POTRA is a nordic company providing expert services for industrial companies, with special focus on industrial services, industrial sales & marketing and industrial internet. POTRA expertise covers strategy development, RTD projects development and funding, project alignment services and lifecycle concepts development, as well.

POTRA welcomes You to the readers of the webpages. Please sign up for POTRA mailing list and blog for extra information on hot topics.  

POTRA adds RTD and funding expertise

POTRA network is expanding. We proudly welcome Veli-Matti Vuori (M.Sc. Engineering) as a member of the team. Veli-Matti has almost 30 years of experience in industrial research & development activity. His expertise covers areas of project preparation, planning, execution and funding. He has worked as a development director, project manager and in various expert tasks.

Veli-Matti brings to POTRAs customers strong competence within funding of RTD-projects as well as commercialization. His great connections to both official and private funding decision makers give an excellent opprtunity for POTRAs customers.


POTRA is continuously expanding its offering through new internationally experienced professionals. If You want to join POTRA network, do not hesitate; contact us!

POTRA expands its network

POTRA has signed a collaboration agreement with Align Corporation. Align is an American company having its expertise in aligning and mentoring of demanding project work. The company has developed a proprietary process that guides all parties of a project towards committing to a common goal.

Typical customers are large multinational companies presenting a variety of industries, such as but not limited to nuclear, pulp and paper. Naturally big companies have strong project management expertise and skills of their own. In the world there are, however, several examples of projects that have not proceeded as planned to. For example a badly delayed nuclear reactor under construction in Finland

An outsider and neutral professional project facilitator can offer views and aspects that will help all parties to push and pull to the same direction. Align Process will do the trick and is for sure an investment with a very good payback margin.

More information from

POTRA Nordic Industry Solutions

A new company POTRA-NIS Oy has entered the demanding industry of consulting. Although the company POTRA Nordic Industry Solutions is new - the owners are not. They have both over 25 years of managerial experience in demanding international business environments.

POTRA offers professional services for the development and renewal of industries in the technology sector. We have special expertise in industrial services, industrial sales and industrial internet. We are also strong in clarifying and executing strategies

The business idea of POTRA is to build up the operational environment and to create necessary tools for business professionals to use, when they help Nordic companies to succeed. Our promise is to charge for agreed results only.

You are now reading the home pages of POTRA Nordic Industry Solutions. Here you can read more about our ideas on business development and ways to operate. While developing our offerings we have in particular taken into account our own experience of leading businesses and using professional services.
We have experienced both good and less good consultants. At the very worst the use of an external consultant may stagnate the organization. At the best a professional service provider may energize the whole company. We at POTRA Nordic Industry Solutions promise to be positive, energetic and agile reformers.

You - experienced business professional, would you like to find a way to bring in your skills and capabilities for the Nordic industry to benefit from? Could POTRA be the channel for that? We believe it could. If so - please do contact us. If not - we would still appreciate your comments of the concept as well as of the home pages of POTRA Nordic Industry Solutions.