Go east or go west; but just go!
Export and internationalization is possible; through skill and will!

Companies have four reasons to invest in exporting:

  • Growth comes from exports
  • Future customers are in exports
  • Government want SME companies to export
  • Companies themselves want to export

Increased exports is too narrow a way to approach internationalization. Instead of focusing on exporting of goods, only, companies must take a notice at which stage they are on the S-curve. (= describes life cycles of companies and products) In addition to products companies must develop their services and operational networks. In technology industry the ability to provide industrial services is often a prerequisite for success in the international marketplace. Success requires also companies to have good partners and networks in their target markets.

Internationalization begins from the identification of market opportunities. In other words is there demand for the company’s offerings? Usually internationalization requires companies to develop and adopt their capabilities, products and production to fit in the foreign market.

Often companies have more will than skill to internationalize. That is when they need external assistance. A development project may get delayed if competent help is not available. Services that are available may be rigid by nature and companies have difficulties to notice the actual competencies of the provider. Foundations for success should be built up carefully.

POTRA’s professionals have extensive experience in international markets and operations. Through our network of local professionals we can provide accurate information and analyzes of selected market areas. In our model customers pay for achieving mutually agreed targets – not for time spent or reports written.