Integrated Life-Cycle

Benefits from life-cycle services goes to both -the buyer and the seller!

Service from the cradle to the grave. Do not let the full potential of your products to go wasted!

Industrial structure

  • Secure your ability to serve the customer throughout the full life-cycle.
  • Secure the availability and effectiveness of your delivery at all times.
  • Secure the capability of all suppliers in your project to support their products throughout the whole lifecycle

Is the availability of a production process a result of the selected machinery only? Certainly not, but often both the buyer and the seller put the main focus on hardware and ignore life-cycle availability aspects and adjacent service models. The reason may be that it is easier to present and see the product and its features, while the need for services and support are brought on the surface only in the future.

Are sellers able to provide service concepts that cover the entire life-cycle? Are buyers able to demand those services? Is (s)he able to secure the support even after the warranty period is over or in locations the seller has no resources available? How to make sure that life-cycle costs do not get out of hands due to saving in the beginning?

POTRA’s Integrated Life-cycle is the solution that provides the buyer or the seller tools needed to dig deep into these issues and to build up models for efficient life cycle operations. We offer the concept for the seller to provide life-cycle services for their products. We offer the concept for the buyer to analyze and solve service needs of their entire production.

What is Your challenge in securing the life-cycle efficiency of the assets? We at POTRA can help you in your quest; contact us!