Industrial services

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Tools for industrial services

Industrial services is an important business segment for the manufacturing industry, which contributes strongly into the profitability and competitiveness. Why is it ever more significant? One of the reasons is that increasingly tough global competition has forced manufacturing companies to transfer production to the less costly countries, leaving behind those parts of the business that more or less reside in knowledge; practically the services. It is about time to see and understand the reasons that have helped the service-oriented manufacturing companies coping better in the global competition

Industrial services opens up opportunities to create new sales over the whole product lifecycle. This will help in smoothening the cash flow over time. Service business is generally less capital-intensive and has better margins. The outcome of great service is usually improved customer satisfaction, better confidence in the supplier and stronger relationships. As a result the scope of service delivery can be extended and in some cases the customer may outsource operational service functions to the supplier. This in turn increases the possible diversification and creates sustained competitiveness.

Industrial production provides large opportunities for non-manufacturing service companies that deliver knowledge-, resource- and logistic services.

Well functioning service creates a win-win situation for both the user and the supplier, as a result of reduced costs, lower risks and improved profits.

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