Industrial sales and marketing

B2B is dead; long live E2E. Purchase decision maker is always a human being; in technology industry often an engineer - thus sell to an engineer


Every successful company can point out a value-adding strategy that solved customers’ problems and drove their buying decision. We will help your company in developing new sales strategies – to make you better than any other company. Getting a silver medal in business does not count.

Your customers have an array of problems. They have limited resources. Your opportunity is to identify the right customer problem on which to focus. What is the right problem for You to solve? We at POTRA can help you to find out the one that drives the customer’s buying decision. And then we’ll help you to create value adding strategies for solving it better than anybody else.

How can you create value for your customers? Successful customers do not buy on price; they buy on value. What is value? Like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. So you need to ask your customers to tell you what value is for them. And after you have asked, make sure you listen actively. What does that mean? Like the satellite receiver, you need to reach out for the “intended” meaning.

A lot of the skill in thinking strategically is finding the right questions to ask.

  • Who do we really want to be serving?
  • Who are the customers who really like our offering?
  • What particular skills do we have as an organization?

POTRA has launched a concept called E2E -sales, Engineer to Engineer. Engineers tend to think practically – it works or it doesn’t. When you cannot give a clear story about the cause and effect, magical thinking might be taking over. That becomes easily a deal killer when you are dealing with engineers. Naturally you need to take into account different cultures and business practices. What works in Germany does not work in Mexico; there you’ll talk about technical matters only after you have made yourself acquainted.

No amount of motivation or drive will solve a problem of poor method. If the only thing, that differentiates you from your competitors is price, then you have turned yourself in to a commodity and you will never enjoy the returns you need to grow your business, to devise new products or develop your staff.

Technology firms who solve difficult one-off problems are more likely to generate additional revenues by charging more for truly valuable work.

POTRA can help you in becoming a professional in E2E!


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