Industrial internet

Industrial internet is the next big transformation within our industrial landscape. POTRA is ready to help you in exploiting this new opportunity!

Industrial future

’Millions of machines and devices all over the globe are feeding data into the wireless outer space through the sensors and data systems; towards the possible user. This mass of random data forms an ever-thickening cloud around us and shockingly effective computer systems in their dungeons are screening that huge sea of bytes, trying to form something of relevance of it.’

’As the flight from Chicago lands in Frankfurt, the captain directly steers the plane to the service hangar, in which the engineers stand ready to change one of the temperature sensors in one of the huge turbines. The indication for this job has been forwarded to them by one of the planes surveillance circuits, processed by the engine supplier’s maintenance computer, that also has made the requisition for the necessary parts as well as the service resource. After the change is completed, the crew reports the job done to the system and the next job is already online.’

What is your vision of the industrial internet? Are you able to see the vast potential of it and the new competitive field it creates?

'The Internet of Things and Services is coming to the manufacturing environment: 'In essence, Industrie 4.0 will involve the technical integration of Cyber -Physical Systems into manufacturing and logistics and the use of the Internet of Things and Services in industrial processes. This will have implications for value creation, business models, downstream services and work organisation.' (Extract from Industrie 4.0 -report by the German government)

Industrial internet is the next big transformation, industrial revolution and we should control it and take advantage of it. We at POTRA are ready to help you in exploiting this new opportunity! Let us work together in finding Your vision!