To see what is not yet seen and to get others to see it too; that is strategic thinking.


Risk is another word for possibility. We tend to overestimate risk by naturally forming a safety margin. End result is evident – lost deal.

As the world and business environment changes the biggest risk for losing a deal is to ignore those changes. What was profitable yesterday may not be tomorrow.

How to be sure to stay on the edge? Unlearning old habits is much more difficult than learning new things. Updating your strategy is something totally else than just changing the date in a document.

Every individual should understand why the organization exists. Strategy must be simple and enthusiastic in order to secure the company’s future success. Dynamic competencies are in key position when the company navigates forward.

Competences are the combination of immaterial as well as fixed assets, which are interlaced within the organization. Competence describes what an organization can do and refers to its characteristics, not to the benefits an individual or certain technology can create. Competence defines an organization’s competitiveness towards future business opportunities.

Strategic competences are necessary for the achievement of strategic goals as implementation of the strategy is based on those. Organization’s abilities must be developed to a level that makes it possible to reach the goals set forth.

Therefore, from the strategy’s implementation point of view it is essential to manage these competences right. Leading and managing competences is actually managing the implementation of strategy.

Companies must differentiate from each other. Companies operating in the same business line may end up having the same strategy. How to differentiate then? One way is to do things differently – in real practice. Often companies’ offerings are too diversified, they are engaged in too many areas of interest, and thus nothing gets done properly. A company can differentiate from competition by focusing in what it can do the best. Also the content of the strategy may be a differentiating factor. Then the company takes risks and goes where others do not dare to go. The worst choice is to remain in the past or present.

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