Riski vai mahdollisuus

Do you see risks or

Strategic thinking is to see what is not yet visible and make others to see it, too.

Clarify strategy


Go east or west,
as long as you go!

It takes skill and will to become global.


Potra teollinen myynti ja markkinointi

B2B is dead,
long live E2E

Purchase decisions are made by people; often engineers. Thus sell to Engineers.

Industrial sales and marketing

Teollinen vallankumous

The next industrial revolution
is adroit!

Can you visualize
the potential and the gravity?

Industrial internet

Potra teolliset palvelut

adds value!!

Utilize the base and create services
that generate growth.

Industrial services

Potra integroitu elinkaari

Not only hardware; but
service from cradle to growth.

Life cycle services benefits both parties (both buyers and sellers)

Integrated life cycles

Tiimi kiskoo yhtä köyttä

No missed shots;
aiming for the same goal

Align your team for superior results,
make no compromises!

Align -process

Toimintamalli ikoni


POTRA charges for results only!


Kokemus ja osaaminen ikoni


Competence = knowledge + experience.


Kansainvälisyys ikoni


Be like at home -anywhere!


Prosessimallit ikoni

Process models

Sustained Success through POTRA


Reward for results

POTRA charges for results not for time or reports!

POTRA offers a unique model for professional services; our invoicing is not based on the time we spend or the amount of pages in a report, but on the results achieved. We do not leave you alone to wonder, how to implement those great ideas and action steps presented in the consultant’s report. Instead, we’ll form together with you the Team, that will implement agreed issues by solving all obstacles and road blocks on the way.

Our actions are practical and based on joint efforts. We utilize skills and capabilities of all parties. In POTRA’s modus operandi all non -value added steps are eliminated. We increase efficiency by new ways of doing and by utilizing most up-to-date methods for teamwork and distribution of information.

Experience and competence

Experience is power! Competence = knowledge + skills + experience.

We at POTRA respect and value experience and believe that real competence is created when knowledge and skills are combined with wide experience. The founders of POTRA have more than 50 years of combined broad industrial experience on top of extensive education. This is what we want to offer you! 

Do not hide your talent! We believe that there are hundreds, if not thousands of experienced business leaders and specialists, that can create much more value than their current situation allows. POTRA wants to open the opportunity to contribute for as many experienced business people as possible; for the benefit of our common cause! Join the POTRA -team! 


Be at home – anywhere

What does international actually mean? A dictionary gives multiple meanings for the word. In business the word means interaction between and among people from different countries and cultures. We at POTRA understand these differencies.

Internationality is a natural part of our life and business, it is not a buzz word or something to be afraid of. We at POTRA have more international experience in our background than many consultants in the field have years of work. We are not shy to say, that we understand challenges of working abroad and how to conquer them. All the time our enlarging global network will open new opportunities and markets that we can approach together.



Renewal - Growth – Profitability

POTRA model for business development is based on the path of development through renewal. Companies need to find new ways to operate, new markets and new products/services. Renewal creates growth. Stable growth leads to improved profits and profitability. Profitable companies can be further renewed!

POTRA can bring you on the Spiral of Sustained Success; get onboard! 


We at POTRA believe that success is a product of hard work and competence. Utilize our knowledge and experience in your business!


Illuminate Strategy

Strategic thinking is to see the invisible and make others see it, too!



Go east or go west, JUST GO!

Teollinen myynti ja markkinointi

Industrial sales

In industry, sell to engineers.

tulevaisuuden ihminen

Industrial internet

The next industrial revolution is adroit!

Yhtä köyttä

Industrial services

Create service value now and in the future!


Integrated life-cycle

Secure your lifecycle success!

Yhtä köyttä

Align your projects

No missed targets! Align your team.


POTRA offers expertise for the renewal and business transformation of industrial companies. Our special competence areas are the development of industrial services, industrial sales & marketing and industrial internet. We can strengthen and illuminate your strategy.


In business only the results matter. Gaining success is never easy or quick, but it is possible through hard work. We at POTRA are ready to work together with you in order to get there.

Our value proposition is unique: Reward for Results. We offer you a service model based on achieving the agreed results first and compensating us later. We focus on your challenges in a new way and provide a fresh view to find keys for growth and profitability.

POTRA is a reliable nordic partner, with the operation based on solid industrial experience and knowledge. We are ready to work with you in order to build sustainable, successful solutions.

With our unique value proposition, Reward for Results (R4R) we take pride in our commitment to work with you until the results have been achieved.

Martti Korhonen

Martti Korhonen (Finland)

Senior partner

More than 25 years of industry experience especially in developing and leading industrial service operations complemented with a broad education and solid experience gives me a strong background. Managing organizations, sales and marketing, customer interface management, business development; all functions have become familiar to me during my career.

"Exploiting the global service business potential is one of the most important challenges for any industrial player in the western world; as well as it is a huge possibility! Let us grab this challenge together, now!"

Mp. +358 50 549 3300
Email: martti.korhonen (at) potra.fi

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Pertti Wathen

Pertti Wathen (Finland)

Senior partner

Over 25 years of international experience on mechanical engineering business including capital equipment and service sectors in the technology industry. Main customer segments have been forest, steel, energy, manufacturing, and metal processing industries. Managed businesses in multinational corporations as well as in SMEs.

Have solid track record of leading global businesses through recessions and booms. Have gained special competence in industrial sales and marketing. Have deep understanding of business financials and interconnections of different business functions.

Good knowledge and experience of the corporate strategy process and very experienced in developing and managing diverse organizations.

Mp. +358 44 972 8256
Email: pertti.wathen (at) potra.fi

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Pertti Wathen

Veli-Matti Vuori (Finland)

RTD specialist

Have You been forced to worry about how to carry out development projects in a controlled way from the ideation to ready-made products? Do you have the concept of how to build and resource the project with the best experts available? How to integrate the research services to optimally support the RTD operations of the company? Is there suitable funding available for the development project? Who would plan and possibly carry out the project? Where to find the missing knowledge and competence? Does the product support the company strategy?
I have nearly 30 years of experience in preparing, planning, managing, resourcing and funding of research and development projects, which I now offer for your disposal! I have worked within all different phases of RTD from the idea generation to making the products commercial. We can make your project a success, together!

Mp. +358 50 523 2007
Email: veli-matti.vuori (at) potra.fi

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Kari Mäki

Kari Mäki (Finland)

Specialist, Maintenance Management Coach, Lic. Tech.

Do you see a need to develop maintenance operations in your company/plant? Are you looking for efficiency through the integration of operation and maintenance through f.ex. Operator Driven Maintenance? Do you aknowledge needs to enhance the methods and tools within the area of production line reliability and availability? Are you starting extensive development projects within preventive maintenance?

I have more than 25 years of experience on the areas of industrial availability development and maintenance concepts. This experience is at your disposal! Use it!

Mp. +358 40 5314739
Email: kari.maki (at) potra.fi

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Juhani Perhonen

Juhani Perhonen (Finland)

Specialist, M.Sc.

Quality management is quite much more than writing the quality handbook and verifying the fulfillment of the specifications. Quality management consists of a large variety of separate, but strongly connected issues from all aspects of business operations.

Over 25 years of experience both domestically and abroad in very different circumstances, including vehicle, printing house, telecommunication, medical equipment give me a solid base to understand various development needs and processes. I have an excellent background within quality system as well as programs development, which I willingly share with you!

Mp. +358 40 588 0689
Email: juhani.perhonen (at) potra.fi

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Bernt Gunnarson

Bernt Gunnarson (Sweden)

Specialist, B.Sc., Certified Board Member

Bernt is an experienced industrial business developer and he has worked in several global companies, having held leading positions both in management and development. His specialities are industrial services development, business development, M&A, integration processes and change management.

For POTRA Bernt brings an excellent channel towards the Scandinavian market as well as towards scandinavian companies that operate globally.

Bernt works fluently in Swedish and English.

Mp. +46 70 6888288
Email: bernt.gunnarson (at) potra.fi


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Joan Roig

Joan Roig (Spain)

Specialist, MA.(Public relations), MBA

Joan is a Master in Foreign Trade. He has 30+ years of world-wide trade experience.

 Joan is used to high level, strategic negotiations. 

He has particular knowledge in brand building / brand awareness, export growth planning, executing and control.

Joan can

 get any company, of any field of activity, selling their products or services in any country in the world. His company has a strong presence in South East Asia and can help European companies to find new markets also in South-America.

As marketing professional Joan can communicate in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Mp. +34 972 429193
Email: joan.roig (at) potra.fi
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Pertti Wathen

STEVEN A. LETOVSKY  (Quebec, Canada)

Expert, B.SC., MBA

Since 1976 Steven has consulted clients in both the public and private sector and in virtually all aspects of marketing that include: advertising, product promotion, sales forecasting, new product launch, line extensions, price sensitivity, location research and basically solving general marketing research problems. He has written and assisted in the execution of many Business Plans over the years

Steven works out of Montreal, Canada. Steve has worked in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. He has an excellent understanding of the American population and is often asked to assist companies from Canada and Europe interested in entering the US market.  

Steven has gained international experience as he has directed projects for Danish and Finnish firms during the 1990's through 2007. Steven is a qualified Focus Group Discussion Moderator and an expert in on-line questionnaire development. He teaches Marketing Research (more than 30 years) for McGill University's Department of Continuing Studies.

Mp. +1 514 694 7589 ext 222
Email: steven.a.letovsky (at) potra.fi

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Sanming Qiu (China)

M.Sc, eng

Sanming is an experienced expert in international business. He knows particularly well Chinese – Finnish business practices. Sanming has worked as a senior- or development manager in various types of organizations. He will bring POTRA his contacts and networks that will help Finnish and Chinese companies to develop their business relationships and collaboration.
Sanming is a firm believer of a systematic approach in problem solving. Genuine collaboration between parties will secure win-win solutions and the success stories that will follow.



Team up with us?

POTRA = knowledge + experience + networks

POTRA competence is based on strong technical knowledge, extensive experience and broad network. Our target is to actively complement our capabilities by building a network of experienced professionals, which enables us to tackle bigger challenges. If you think that you qualify and are interested, don't hesitate; contact us!


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